1. Free Consultation and Debt Evaluation


Our certified debt specialist provides you with a free consultation of the various debt relief options available to you and determines if SCOA’s Debt Settlement program is the right option for you. To get your free consultation, call 844-409-7262

2. Structuring your Debt Negotiation Program


To help you resolve your debts, we evaluate your financial situation and work on plan that provides you with the maximum savings in the least amount of time. We understand that each situation is unique and our debt specialists work with you to design a plan with monthly payments that you are comfortable with.

3. SCOA’s Debt Settlement Plan

Our friendly and experienced customer service staff is available to you 24X7 to assist you with any questions you may have. We are committed to hand hold you through your journey of debt relief.

Monthly strategy calls – As you deposit your monthly payments in the FDIC insured third party bank account, we share with you your accumulated savings. As your savings continue to build, SCOA’s Creditor Relations team starts talking to the Creditors to settle your debts. Once we have a settlement on your debt, we contact you for your approval. We do not collect any fees until you approve a settlement.

After we have settled all the debts that you enrolled in the program by paying the settlement amount, your creditors are required to report this to the credit rating agencies. Your debts are reported as settled, paid in full, paid by settlement or settled for less than the full amount. Irrespective of the description used, you don’t owe that debt any longer.

Congratulations, you are debt free now!